One of the things I love about the Spanish Coffee is that its recipe REALLY only consists of guidelines:  Rum, Coffee & Orange Liqueurs, Coffee, and Whipped Cream.  With those guidelines in mind, there are a TON of variations you can do!  I'll post some of them here, as I either make or find them.

Here is one which I made for myself the other day, simply because they were the only ingredients at the home I was at which would come close to a Spanish Coffee. . . . so I tried them.  I'm going to call this a

"Spanish Panama Coffee"
  • 1.5oz Carta Vieja Rum (from Panama)
  • 1.5oz Kahlua
  • 1oz Hatcher Blood Orange Organic Artisan Liqueur 
  • Coffee
  • Home made Whip (no sugar)

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